• Guangdong Zhihui Core Screen Technology Co., Ltd.

    Guangdong Zhihui Xinping Technology Co., Ltd. is wholly-owned by Shenzhen Zhihui Xinping Commercial Operation Management Partnership (Limited Partnership). The company's main business: research and development, manufacturing and sales of electronic paper display modules and terminal products, as well as electronic The end application of paper display screen provides solutions.
    Company vision: To become a green and environmental protection enterprise that has made outstanding contributions to the sustainable development of society and human beings, helping customers to achieve paper replacement, energy saving and consumption reduction, no light pollution, green eye protection, and do our due diligence for the early realization of carbon neutrality contribute.
    Company goal: innovation drives development, technology leads the future

    Mr. Xie +86 13680998281 (same number on WeChat)
    Mr. Pan +86 18681013166
    Factory Address: Room 101, Building 5, No. 21, Dongke Road, Dongcheng Street, Dongguan City, Guangdong Province

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