Solutions to common problems with e-ink screens and e-paper touch screens

Compared with traditional LCD screens, the biggest advantage of electronic ink screens is eye protection, which is because the traditional LCD screen can develop by relying on backlight to achieve, light will pass through the screen directly to the user's eyes, which is why we will have eye fatigue when watching the display for a long time. And if the monitor we use does not have anti-blue light function, long-term use will also cause irreversible damage to the eyes. The emergence of electronic ink screen effectively solves this problem, but in the daily use of electronic ink screen, if you do not pay attention to the method, you will also encounter some inevitable problems, and then I will show you solutions to common problems of electronic ink screen.


  1. Screen breakage

Electronic ink screen is currently the most mainstream e-book product screen, it itself is not as strong as the mobile phone screen, you must pay attention when using.

Some user product screens are damaged, but no obvious traces of cracking are found, and the appearance of the screen is considered to be a problem with the machine software, in fact, this situation is the result of screen damage. There is a flower screen on the front of the screen, there are no cracks, and the crack marks are clearly visible on the reverse side of the screen.


  1. The problem of partial refresh and full-screen refresh

When consumers use the electronic ink screen for the first time, every time they open the reader, the screen will flicker phenomenon, which is refresh, which is equivalent to ink relayout, and there are two different refresh modes of local refresh and global refresh. The local refresh takes the shortest time, the refresh process is smoother, and the experience is better, but after several partial refreshes, it will leave an "afterimage" phenomenon on the screen; The full refresh effect is the best, there will be no residual old display content and the edge of the square caused by partial refresh, the system defaults to brush every 20 pages, and you can also set different frequencies by yourself.

The electronic ink screen is a gospel for reading lovers, close to the look and feel of printed paper, and has the advantages of power saving and eye protection. It should be noted that because the electronic ink screen is a fragile material, it is recommended that you use it as much as possible to wear a protective leather case for the e-reader, which can better extend the service life and increase the product experience.


  1. How to extend the service life of electronic ink screen?

(1) When there are too many things in the backpack, do not let the reader clamp tightly in the middle, so that the screen is easy to be squeezed.

(2) Avoid the reader clinging to sharp objects, such as: scissors, keys, diamond rings, etc.

(3) When you need to go through security, remember to place the side of the reader display facing up.

(4) Many friends have the habit of reading before going to bed, so when drowsiness comes up, please put the reader on the bedside table to avoid crushing on the screen after falling asleep.

(5) Children should use it under the supervision of their parents, and some naughty children will use the reader as a cutting board or frisbee.


The above is about the common problem solution of electronic ink screen, it is understood that the current service life of electronic ink screen is about 2-3 years, but with the development of science and technology, perhaps in the near future, it can be used for seven or eight years. If you have the need to buy electronic ink screen, electronic paper touch screen and electronic label and other products, Guangdong SID company will be a good cooperation object.

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