Introduction to electronic labels and electronic ink labels

With the pursuit of intelligence and efficiency in all walks of life, electronic display products have erected barriers to traditional paper display carriers, and untimely products will eventually be eliminated by the market. Therefore, in the retail market, traditional paper price tags began to be abandoned, and electronic tags became a new trend in the market.

The maturity of electronic label production technology and later innovation, the market has appeared segment code screen and full-color display LCD LCD screen electronic label, but the LCD screen appearance is gorgeous, the screen reflection is extremely serious, easy to cause consumer visual discomfort, coupled with its large power consumption, label heating problem is obvious, has not become the choice of most retailers. Finally, only electronic ink screen labels are widely favored.


The electronic ink screen is an ultra-thin, ultra-light display, electronic paper is like a thin film, and a layer of charged substance "coated" on the film is electronic ink. This can also be regarded as a thin embedded remote control display board, which is the best choice for electronic label screen display. E-paper displays are more robust and durable than ordinary LCD displays. This also determines that the electronic ink screen label has certain wear-resistant and anti-collision performance and has a long service life. The electronic ink screen can reflect the light in the surrounding environment, the reflectivity and contrast are very high, and there is no need to use backlights, which greatly reduces energy consumption. At the same time, e-paper can retain the original displayed text and pictures without the need for continuous power. This makes the static display of electronic ink screen labels without power consumption, long battery life, and power failure does not affect the price display. E-paper displays are better suited for reading than regular monitors. Because the content displayed by electronic paper is fixed and does not need to be continuously refreshed, like ordinary paper products, the viewing angle is large. Ideally, e-paper will not be darkened by bright light when read in sunlight.


It has always maintained a stable and excellent display effect, created a highly comfortable visual sense for consumers, and has a small and beautiful display technology, which are the reasons why electronic ink screen labels are favored by merchants. Electronic ink screen label can be widely used in all walks of life, replace the original material container on the paper label, and can be seamlessly docked with the information system, is an important part of the industrial Internet of Things, through the Internet of Things industrial electronic label, the material information in the production link can be connected to the enterprise information management system interaction.


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