Introduction of e-paper and e-ink touch screen

In the ever-changing 21st century, people are gradually accustomed to a variety of high-tech products, in such an era of information explosion, paper books, magazines, etc. are difficult to meet the rapidly changing amount of knowledge output, and a large number of paper will also cause environmental damage, electronic paper is produced in such an era background.

E-paper is a kind of display screen in which electronic ink is coated on a layer of plastic film, which can be attached to a thin-film transistor circuit and controlled by a driver IC to form a pixel pattern. Electronic paper is a display screen made of electronic ink technology, the display principle is attached to the surface of the screen millions of very small "microcapsules", each microcapsule diameter is about the same as a hair, the transparent liquid in the microcapsule suspended with negative charge black particles and positive charge white particles, by changing the charge to make different color particles orderly arranged, thus presenting a black and white visualization. Electronic paper display, also known as electronic ink screen, is simply a series of products developed based on electrophoretic display technology, because it looks a lot like a "paper", so it is called electronic paper or electronic ink.

E-ink touch screen has very superior features:

  1. The electronic paper display screen is very energy-saving, consumes very little power, compared with ordinary electronic screens can achieve a long standby time, it has achieved even if it is not powered at all can continue to display the picture.
  2. The electronic ink screen has a good eye protection effect, suitable for users who like to read for a long time, and care for eye health.
  3. The ink screen is more artistic than the traditional display, with black and white ink monochrome, color electronic paper and reproduction of world famous paintings on the ink screen.
  4. The electronic paper touch screen can not only achieve paper-like display, it can also be bent and folded like paper. This display is much thinner and lighter than traditional displays.

The use of electronic paper display is quite wide, such as portable reading e-books, price tags on supermarket shelves, bus stop signs and so on. Compared with paper, it can meet the needs of rapid change of information in modern society, and it is also more environmentally friendly and conducive to protecting the ecological environment.

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