Comparative introduction of color e-paper and e-ink displays

Electronic ink industry is becoming more and more lively, electronic ink screen electronic table cards can present paper display effect without flashing screen, can achieve double-sided display, paperless office can be reused, can display the current meeting situation, conference room reservation and other information, as well as scan the code to book conference rooms and other functions, mobile phone APP can be one key batch transmission of table information, simple, efficient and convenient. The ink screen intelligent bus electronic stop sign has the advantages of ultra-low power consumption, ultra-wide viewing angle, clear visibility and non-reflection under strong light, comfortable eye protection without blue light, etc., creating a good visual experience for passengers.


But when people use e-ink products to watch YouTube videos, black and white products will be difficult to sell. In 2002, commercial color electronic paper appeared, but color electronic paper did not achieve mass production until 2019, and there is still a lot of room for improvement in the process. If you like to read content such as color comics, paintings, etc., or books in the fields of photography, food, art, etc., you can consider a color ink screen reader. Color display has richer and more realistic visual effects, color electronic paper compared to ink screen can present more vivid colors, more vivid colors, background and graphic contrast is also larger, visual experience is clearer and more comfortable.


High-quality color electronic paper undoubtedly has stronger competitiveness and greater market demand, and many manufacturers and research institutions are currently scrambling to overcome the technical difficulties of electronic paper color display. Color electronic paper is mainly used in posters, signage and other products in the retail industry and transportation industry. Dynamic display is the premise of more widespread application of electronic paper, so various new electronic paper technologies are trying their best to break through the bottleneck of response speed to achieve the display of dynamic images.


Color electronic paper has gone through the process from three-color (black, white, red or black, white, yellow) electronic paper to color/full-color electronic paper and finally to printed color electronic paper. Printed color electronic paper technology uses the latest color filter technology, compared to the previous color technology, its characteristics make it can perfectly replace the previous black and white screen, become the new screen of the electronic paper book, color is the most basic feature, sunlight in, in the process of reflection through the filter sheet, so that the human eye can perceive the color, its display effect is relatively mild, the color is not so dazzling, more suitable for long-term reading. The functions and performance that the existing black and white screen electronic paper books can have, color electronic paper books are no problem. The color e-paper display is still dominated by reflected ambient light, so there is no need to worry about the eye-catching nature of the ink screen.


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