Application prospects of electronic paper and large electronic paper displays

Under the trend of digitalization and sustainable development, the e-paper industry still maintains strong momentum and sufficient development momentum. In recent years, the Internet of Things has enabled objects with independent functions to be interconnected, and all of this is inseparable from interfaces that enable information interaction. With the advantages of low power consumption and no eye damage, the electronic ink screen has become one of the displays that best meets the requirements of the Internet of Things era.E-paper (also known as "e-ink screen") display technology has ushered in vigorous development with its inherent "green attributes" such as paper-like display, low power consumption and energy saving, and long battery life.


   Electronic paper is actually a collective term for a class of technologies, the main technologies are microcapsule electrophoresis display technology, microcup electrophoresis display technology, twisting ball display technology, two-color dye liquid crystal technology, electrowetting display technology and toner display board technology. E-paper is a display technology that does not emit light itself, relies on natural light reflection imaging, and maintains static images in a bistable state without electricity. As a new carrier of text, electronic paper has the characteristics of low carbon, recyclability and digitalization. In the application of large electronic displays, when the picture does not change, electronic paper does not need to consume electricity at all, and in the long run, compared with the same size LCD display board, it has excellent power-saving performance, which is very suitable for use in the outdoor billboard market. With the maturity of e-paper technology and the progress of full-color technology, more color e-paper station cards will enter the market, and the field of e-paper station signs will achieve continuous growth. Compared with display screens such as LCD or OLED, which require a backlight module or self-illumination, the reflective display of e-paper is eye-catching, flicker-free, and has a viewing angle of almost 180°, which is very suitable for long-term reading.


   The expansion of the application field of the e-paper market is inseparable from large-area display technology: for example, electronic desks require at least 30 inches of display and touch area. Producing e-paper with a higher generation line can obviously have more "innovation" space in terms of the size, aspect ratio and other aspects of the final product, and can provide more diversified products.Under the trend of digitalization and sustainable development, retail, logistics and warehousing and other related enterprises will be greatly improved in the use of electronic paper flatbed, electronic label and other products, and with the rapid improvement of color electronic ink screen technology, all kinds of electronic paper products from black and white to colorful development, becoming the main growth momentum of the electronic paper market scale. Under the background of global carbon neutrality, the industrialization of electronic paper is expected to accelerate and has broad prospects in the future.


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